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About My FRENDS!

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Here is some stuff about some of my friends from BCA!
Kenny: He was one of my good friends! I could and still fell like can talk to him about anything. He would walk around singing songs all the time I loved it. I miss are deep talks that we had !
Natale: She was always there for me we always had a good time together!We had a lot in comin with are past. Oh and her ass was so bigger then my ass!!!
Sarie: She was going out with my friend jeff. We would stay up late talking to each other about kenny and jeff.


Here is some shit about some of my RMA friends!
Zackary: We would talk about shit. He was really into lifting.He ment a lot to me! He was my little bro. Funny as hell!
Emily: I would tell here every thing. Loved her veary much! Never will forget her and her pop tarts! Smors. Or when I use to eat her neck!Or when we use to all play strip poker!
Carol: Me and carol hit it right of the bat! She use to come and cuddle with me in the mornings to wake me up. I called her my carebear. She was easly one of by best friends. Even though we did some stupid shit togther!
Liz: We had some shit in comin man. Never forget her waking me up by scraming " wake up fat ass" when her ass is almost as big as mine! Loved are talks we had.Sorry we never got to have that reit. But we did take the school down. FUCK KYLE!!!!!

I miss all you guys but know that Im always here for you, and think about you all the time!