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My Music

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       I love my music so much! Its like a part of my life daly. I dont know how people could go a day without music. I lisen to all differant kinds of music to.Some of my favorite artis are Insane Clown posse, Metalica, Eminem, 2pac, Bone thugs, other hip hop and rap artis, and some older stuff to. My range is pritty open when it comes to music. But I cant stand opra music, I dont know how any body can! Fuck that shit!!!!!!

let me know what kind of music you like? I would love to here from other people! And also why you like who you like.Whats behid it???

Email me here

Go to and listen to a lot of differant music. You can lisen to anything you want to. Try it out now.

Also try out this link for music.Its find all your faverate music!


This is shaggy and vilent J. Insane Clown Posse!

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